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MECO 110V CD-4 Core Drilling System
Part #006005, $0.00

At last an ultra-durable 4-speed core drill system with RPM range that makes in the industry's most versatile coring tool. It's capable of accommodating all popular core bit sizes: Small, Intermediate and Large. 3-HP motor 110v with large super-duty gears and clutch assembly assured maximum output and durability. Carrying handle for portability makes it complete. It is "user friendly" surpassing the rugged standards that are demanded by professionals in the concrete cutting industry. NEW ... Single-Shift Lever that has been incorporated into the new 4-speed core drill. The side plate is marked for the four different shaft speeds. This new lever makes it easy to select the proper shaft speed. Don't worry about the gearbox shifting out of gear while drilling. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! If the shift lever moved while the machine is running, it will NOT shift gears. The gearbox will only shift when the RPM is close to a complete stop. This is a special feature designed to protect the gears. Should the lever be moved while drilling, simply put it back in place and keep drilling. This new system has been tested extensively and has proven to be highly effective and user friendly in even the toughest conditions. Includes: MECO 4-Speed Core Drill MECO Roller Carriage MECO Column Base 3" x 36" Precision-Machined Column. CALL FOR PRICING


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