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Diamond Tech 110V 4-Speed Core Drill
Part #DR-401, $2,795.00

Diamond Tech's 4-Speed Core Drill, you can plug into a 110V outlet and drill form a 1/4-inch to an 18-inch diameter hole with productivity rates you thought were impossible with a plug in drill. The Diamond Tech 4-Speed with over 20years experience in the field, it is the ultimate Prfessional drill Features: Remarkable power to weight ration. Verry compact RPM range provides power/tourque range from small, medium, and large diameter holes.New super heavy gears and castings are precision made and extremely durable. Torque limiter protects gears and motor. Powerful, reliable, German built motor. Specifications: 4 Speeds: 200, 400, 800, 1400 MOtor: 3hp 110v 20amp, Double insulated air cooled. Weight 30lbs. Will accept a 10-inch bit as is, or a 12-Inch bit with Diamond Tech's Roller Carrage


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